Southstar Energy provides off-shore support services


Southstar Energy Group is poised to become a leading global Marine Vessel provider with our newly purchased & operating Anchor Handle Tug & Supply Vessels (AHTs), Derrick Lay Barges (DLB) & Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), which have outstanding performance and versatility. These vessels are built for worldwide operations to service drilling units, non-self-propelled Offshore Construction & Installation barges, and to provide transportation, Offshore Accommodation and logistics support for the supplies and equipment used on oil and gas production platforms.

Our Capabilities are in the following services:

  • Anchor Handling / Towing Operations Support Services
  • Supply of Vessel i.e. PSV, PSU, AHTS, MSV & etc.
  • Provision of Offshore Accommodation Barge
  • Provision of Offshore Pipelay & Heavy lift Construction Barges
  • Vessel Operator & Fleet Management
  • Marine Personnel Crewing
  • Marine Logistics Support Base